Hello, I am Lior

This is my personal blog

About the blog

The blog is focused on web development stuff, in two levels:


I believe that knowing the fundamentals is the key of being a good developer.
In the posts section, I will publish articles about things we use on a daily basis, but we may not entirely understand how it works.
I will do my best to explain each subject in the most simple way I can.
In addition, In the resources section, I will maintain a list of websites which I find useful, divided by subjects.

Staying up to date

If you love to keep updated about web development, the weekly links section is for you.
Each week, I will add a list of interesting posts that were published during the previous week.
Most of the articles in this list will be technical, but it may contain also articles about soft skills and general tech news.

About myself

I am Lior, a web developer and I love it.
I am passionate about web development and constantly read and learn about it.
I am subscribed to blogs and newsletters, and following the big guns on twitter.
I am working for Samanage company, which I proud to be a part of it.
In my spare time, I am an addicted sports fan, and enjoying playing the piano and composing new melodies.